Icon Mines Map Icon
Purpose Gathering Ores
First Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Found in... All Villages (5 in each Village)


Mines are places where you can get ores and gems. There are some things you need to keep in mind about mines.

  • Once you find one, get digging at once.
  • You need to use weaker attacks such as grinding to get more treasure.
  • The greater the number of attacks you do, the better your chances of digging up items.
  • Mine locations change on a daily basis due to tectonic movements.
  • Several large clumps of ore can be found in each mine.
  • The color of the ore pile tells you whether it contains a small bit of ore and mixed common gems, larger amount of ore, or rarer gems.
  • Assorted Grocks can be found inside on occasion.
  • Use the Grocks to your advantage by defeating them to increase your combo!
  • When you are looking for mines, look for a beam of light shining in the sky. The beam of light will lead you to a mine! To let you know if a mine has been visited or not, the beam will stop shining once the mine has been cleaned out.
  • Once located, they appear on the map as a small blue twinkle.
  • You will find 5 Mines in each Day.

Mine Chunks

Mine Chunk                 Spoils*
Mines Mine Chunk 2

Pink Mine Chunk

Mines Mine Chunk 1
Common: Shard IconShards
Uncommon: Nugget IconNuggets
Rare: Chunk IconChunks

Regular Mine Chunk

Mines Mine Chunk 3

Yellow Mine Chunk

[1*] Depending on the village, spoils can be different


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