Mini Vulcangrock
Map Icon N/A
Key Word Mini Vulcan
Grock Type Boss
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Latest Appearance N/A
Health Very High
Attacks head-smash

fire projectiles

Drop Loot Fire Stone (Common)

Lava (Common)

Crushed Fire Stone (Uncommon)

Magma Crystal (Rare)

"An immature Vulcangrock. It blossoms into an active volcano at about 100 years old; however, it produces very little magma and doesn't generate Magmagrocks."

The Mini Vulcangrock is a smaller variant of the Vulcangrock that only appears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger within the Treasure Hunts.

Physical Appearance

Appearance matches that of a Vulcangrock exactly, only being smaller in size.

Fighting Style

Mini Vulcangrocks attack much like Bossgrocks and Diregrocks do, utilizing the same head-smash and body-slam attacks, but prefers to stay still most of the time. This mini devil has the same amount of defense as its mature form, the Vulcangrock, making it the toughest and smallest boss-like grock. It acts the same way as any Boss, so it won't flinch on attacks unless it is dazed for a short period of time.

Since this grock is the immature form of the Vulcangrock, it will not perform the exact same attacks. For example, it is not capable of summoning other Magmagrocks the way a Vulcangrock can. It also cannot perform the asme large-scale eruption attack. However, it can continuously fire small projectiles in a 90 degree turn after it head-smashes.



  • The Mini Vulcangrock's defensive capability is the second-highest defense of any Boss-type grock, after the Diamongrock.

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