Mitch FullView
Species Mouse
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Affiliations Villages
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"Oh, thank you so much for coming, ranger. I didn't think you'd make it out here!"

Mitch is the first mayor of a Side Stage, specifically Side Stage 1. He is one of the mayors of the south side valley of the West, governing a town called Gambol Ranch. He helps Dillonand Russ with giving them a tip on the field and a Freeze Crystal.

Physical Appearance

Evan is a brown and tan mouse with a white shirt, red pants, and a yellow banana. He looks similar to all the other side stage mice.

Quotations (in TLR)

After returning village (in Prep Time) he says:

Mitch: - Welcome back, ranger. Please consider all the options as you prepare.

After select Donate scruffles in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Mitch: - A growing scrod herd makes me fell so content. Thanks for your help, ranger.

After complete a Defense Gate in the village (in Prep Time) he says:

Mitch: - Thank you, ranger! Strong gates makes us feel even more safe in the village.

After select Exit Village (in Prep Time) he says:

Mitch: - Take care, ranger. I pray for your safety!

If a Grock Squad approaches the village's gates (in Raid Time), he says in the radio device:

Mitch: - Ahh! Grocks are right outside!


He is  the first mayor to a side stage that though the village might be missed by Dillon and Russ since their village is "not on the train line."


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