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Key Word Motor
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health Medium
Attacks Charge Attack
Drop Loot Attack Rock (Common)

Attack Stone (Uncommon)

Orchid Heart (Rare)

"This Biker grock careers around on his set of wheels at high speed, But in a battle, he'll dismount and fight like a gentleman."

The Motogrocks are Grocks on wooden motorcycles donning a green-black flag, adorned with the silhouette of a Weakgrock and equipped with a spike mask. They are among the fastest Grocks with these motorcycles, though in battle they "dismount and fight like a gentleman." Before heading for town, they may circle around the village for at least one loop. They start appearing in Stage 5 on the first day. They reappear in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

Motogrocks are crudely obelisk-shaped. Their skin is a dark gray, and they possess the trademark horns of most grocks on their heads. On their stomachs, Motogrocks possess a shield-like object protecting it, adorned with three spikes in a row. It seems to serve no purpose in battle, however.

Fighting Style


Motogrocks are very quick and ravenous. They will speed through the stage, riding in their motorcycles and making them nearly impossible to chase; DIllon will have to stand in their way most of the time to intercept them. Motogrocks will circle a village at least once before charging, tearing down the door and possible devouring ten or more Scrogs in just one visit if they can get by. This, combined with their speed and numbers, makes them dangerous threats even when compared to a Springgrock that can bound over walls and bypass vilage gates. Motogrocks can easily tear down half of an armored door as well, making them a priority to defeat.

In Battle

Motogrocks will dismount their vehicles in battle, as they can be seen just outside the fighting area. Motogrocks attack as would most grocks, by headbutting with the spines on their head and charging. The spines on their heads can sometimes deflect Dillon's rolling attack if the Motogrock is charging at Dillon.

They have a moderate defense, taking quite a few hits to defeat especially with weaker gear.



  • Their name is derived from "motor" and "Grock".
  • If one looks closely, Motogrocks are seen propelling their motorcycles with their feet by kicking at the front wheel, which is ironic as this means the motorcycles are in fact not motorized at all.