After a day on the job, Dillon has a choose to go outside on the field at night. Seeming really quiet around the field, no grocks walk on these at this time of day. Freely, Dillon rolls around with no reason, unless you are doing Sebastian's quest to find the Reviving Bettle. Dillon can still get money and ores from the rocks and cactus. Dillon cannot do anything with the mines, towers and closed Ancient Ruins (the ones that are already opened from the start, Dillon can enter, but there will be just an empty room with an opened chest). This is only available in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

The Mysterious Lights


While on the field, there are glittering lights that seem to move slowly. Showing up at random locations on the map, they don't have a real significance. When Dillon touches these lights, some seem to act as a charge of power (Though it doesnt charge up Dillon's Arma gauge), but one makes a ring and becomes brighter, making the other lights disappear. It is unknown for these mysterious light to be at night.

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