Operation Grock 'n' Roll
Client Colonel Buster
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western

River Delta

Task Defeat 5 grocks with only dash rolls!
Reward Money 1000
Penalty - Money 250

In this quest, Colonel Buster asks Dillon to instantly defeat 5 grock weakened by Gun Towers in River Delta.

Getting the Quest

Colonel Buster: - Ah! If you young pups like towers so much, you'll know how important it is to coordinate with them.

Towers can attack grocks to weaken them.
Then you can dash roll them to take them out in one hit.
The towers rock 'em, then you roll 'em! Woof! Woof!
A real commander should be able to do it 5 times!
Commence Operation Grock 'n' Roll!

Cleared task

Colonel Buster: - You did well finishing off the grocks your towers softened up!

Hot doggity! Now, that's real coordination of resources.
Company! Operation complete! This is for you.

Failed to complete task

Colonel Buster: - A commander should always work with his troops.

I've seen stray mutts coordinate better than that.
Sorry -- operation costs need to be met. Cough up!


  • Stay closed in the Gun Tower and aiming the grock squad. When they weakened (minimize sized and ), use a dash roll in it.
  • The player maybe cheating for complete this quest. If Dillon defeats almost members in grock squad and leaves one left with few damages (escaping from the battle), the grock squad minimized his size in the plains, allowing Dillon make a instantly elimination using dash roll.

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