Operation Long Shot
Client Colonel Buster
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western

Fort Denial

Task Defeat 6 Grocks with a Long Cannon.
Reward Money 1200
Penalty - Money 300

In this quest, Dillon must leave a Long Cannon destroys 6 targets in the Fort Denial.

Getting the Quest

Colonel Buster: - Hey, pups! When it comes to towers, range is essential.

You've gotta get them grocks, even when they're far off.
As a demonstration of your ability, I want you to defeat 6 grocks with a long cannon.
As a whelp, I only cared about what was under my nose.
But you have to think beyond that as a commander.
These days, I can spot a fair lady at 500 paces!
You should aim farther too! Commence Operation Long Shot!

Cleared task

Colonel Buster: - Hot doggity! My intel says the operation was a complete sucess.

Even long shots were no trouble for your team.
That's what being a real tactician is all about.
Now, if only I had better tactics with the ladies...
Ah! Operation complete!

Failed to complete task

Colonel Buster: - Coordination doesn't always work out as you'd expect.

But you'll have to pay me, because I need money for my date this evening.


  • The player maybe cheating for complete this quest. If Dillon defeats almost members in grock squad and leaves one left with few damages (escaping from the battle), the grock squad minimized his size in the plains, allowing the towers eliminates the target with a single shot.
  • Instead defeats almost members in the grock squad, defeats only Stronggrocks and leaving the Footgrocks or Weakgrocks, who easely killed by the Long Cannons.

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