Pebble Bubble
Icon Pebble Bubble Icon
Item Type Gems
Main Usage Selling and Quests
Dropped By.../Found in... The Mines
Rarity Depending on Village
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell 50

"This little pebble shimmers like foam. Treading on these with bare feet is said to be relaxing."

The Pebble Bubble is a gem obtained in the mines. This item is a small light blue pebble crystals chuncked into one. This is required for two quests by Madam Croaky"Introducing Madam Croaky" (Fetured in DRW where she needs 7 Pebble Bubbles) and "Madam Croaky's Bubble Baubles" (Fetured in TLR where she needs 3 Pebble Bubbles). Both of these quests are in the first village of each game.

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