Plug Crystal
Icon Plug Icon
Item Type Crystal
Main Usage Block incoming grocks from a selected den
Dropped By.../Found in... Village Shops, Grocks
Rarity Rare
Cost to Buy 450
Cost to Sell 225

"Crystal used on dens to temporarily block the entrance and stop grocks from emerging."

Plug is a type of crystal that summons a rock pillar that blocks the Grock's Den. This crystal is only exclusive to Dillon's Rolling Western, as it doesn't reappear in The Last Ranger. This item is like all other crystals, but with a purple center. Its main purpose is to block incoming grocks from a selected den. This helps buy time to go after other grocks, however the pillar can be destroyed on its own after 300 seconds or if Dillon breaks the pillar by rolling into it. Dillon can start buying this crystal once he reaches Fort Denial.


  • Like all the crystals, Dillon can only carry 3 at a time.