Prescription 1: Moist Herb
Client Sebastian
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger


Task Look for the slideberry that grows by the water's edge.
Reward Money 150
Penalty - Money 30

On the quest Prescription 1: Moist Herb, Sebastian's Son begins to lose luster on his skin. His father asks Dillon to get the Slideberry that grows by the water's edge. This quest is introduced in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger in Beginsville.

Reminder: the quest has to be taken before Dillon can find the item.

Location of Slideberry

Getting the Quest

Sebastian: - Oh ho, ranger! You got here just in time.

Sebastian's Son: - Hi Mr. Dillon! Remember me?

Sebastian: - I appreciate all the help you gave us last year, but my son is feeling ill again.

His skin is losing its luster.

Sebastian's Son: - I'm shriveling up like a raisin!

Sebastian: - If I had some of the <blue>slideberries</blue> from down by the water, I could make tea.

I'm sure it would soothe his skin, but obviously I'm too busy caring for him to go.
I beg of you, please bring some slideberries for my poor boy!
Thanks, ranger. Son, we'll have you feeling better in no time.

Cleared task

Sebastian: - You got the slideberries! You're a big help. All right. Son, drink this tea.

Sebastian's Son: - ............

Paw, I feel better!

Sebastian: - Wow, those are super effective! His skin cleared up in an instant.

Thank you. Here's your reward.

Failed to complete task

Sebastian: - ??

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