Rail Ramgrock
New Grock 3
Map Icon Rail Ramgrock Map Icon
Key Word Rail Ram
Grock Type Special
First Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Health High
Attacks Exploding Slam, Headbutt Slam, Continuous Headbutt Slam
Drop Loot Stone Wedge (Common)

Hothead Rock (Rare)

"A subspecies of Ramgrock. So far, no one has come up with a convincing explanation for why it exclusively unleashes its destructive behavior on the tracks."

The Rail Ramgrock is a new type of Ramgrock that appears in the game Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. These destructive grock's only purose is to destroy the tracks in order to eliminate the Train. This Grock will only appear in Main Stages that have Broken Tracks and/or Repaired Tracks.

Physical Appearance

Rail Ramgrocks has the same look as a Ramgrock, however the head part is opposite of ramgrocks with a molten rock nail sticking out. Its body is colored dark/navy blue.

Fighting Style


Because they only appear in Main Stages that have broken tracks and/or repaired tracks, they will do whatever they can to go after the tracks. Once they come close to the rails, a cut-scene shows them breaking the rail. They usually go back into the ground after they have broken the rails. If there are no rails to destroy, they will just work like regular grocks, going after the scrogs from the village.

In Battle

These are as aggressive as ramgrocks with the same fighting style and traits. Their primary attack consists of hammering the area in front of them repeatedly in a line, an attack that is usually difficult to counter or avoid. after several strikes, the Rail Ramgrock will begin to charge another powerful attack, this attack takes longer than regular Ramgrocks but afterwards emmiting a strong blast of fire. Whether or not the Rail Ramgrock strikes Dillon, the Hothead Rock part of this grock will become briefly lodged in the ground. Dillon can attack the Rail Ramgrock without danger during this brief time.



  • These grocks are the one of the few grocks that get a cut-scene, but the cut-scene only happens the first time Dillon sees this grock destroying the fixed rails.
  • These grocks are the same species as Ramgrocks, Big Ramgrocks, and Gold Ramgrocks.
  • The Rail Ramgrock is considered a hothead giving that its act to destroy things like a Ramgrock and the item being that it heats up to a 2,000° and its name.

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