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Key Word Ram
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health Medium
Attacks Hammer rapid strikes

Charged Hammer

Drop Loot Stone Wedge (Common)

Chunk (Uncommon)

Skull Stone (Rare)

"This grock has a strangely evolved hammer-like skull, which it uses to destroy buildings. It has quite an appetite for destruction."

Ramgrocks are medium sized green Grocks with a giant hammer-like head for a weapon. They first appear in Hillville. They will reappear in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

Ramgrocks are somewhat cone-shaped. They are lime green in color, such coloring they share with Gungrocks. Their trademark is a hammer-like appendage on top of their head, called the Skull Stone.

Fighting Style

Ramgrocks are poweful grocks and a force to be reckoned with, especially so early in the game. Their primary attack consists of hammering the area in front of them repeatedly in a line, an attack that is usually difficult to counter or avoid. After several strikes, the Ramgrock will begin to charge another powerful attack. Dillon only has about a half second to avoid this attack. Whether or not the Ramgrock strikes Dillon, the Skull Stone part of the Ramgrock will become briefly lodged in the ground. Dillon can attack the Ramgrock without danger during this brief time.

Ramgrocks have a moderate defense, taking only a few hits with high-level gear but taking much longer to defeat with lower-level gear.



  • Ramgrocks will usually be encountered in low numbers, making them manageable.
  • A possible strategy to fight against the Ramgrock's charged attack might be to roll and claw-attack once, evade the Ramgrock's charged strike mid-air, then attack again while their hammer is lodged in the ground.
  • The stronger form of the Ramgrock is the Megagrock, as both are primarily used to take out the player's towers. On the other hand, Megagrocks do not attack the village or Dillon. Ramgrocks can also be seen guarding Megagrocks in later stages.
  • They are the second type of Grock to have 'weapons', the first being the Gungrock.
  • Their power allows them to decimate gun and watch towers much more quickly than Weakgrocks, Footgrocks, and even Stronggrocks (though are easily outclassed by Magmagrocks, Diggrocks and Vulcangrocks in destroying wooden towers), often requiring the use of iron and steel towers if the player wishes to protect the towers.
  • Ramgrocks can drop considerable amounts of ore, specifically Chunks, as well as Stone Wedges (oddly enough, these are red despite Ramgrocks being green, and also dropped by Megagrocks though the description implies they are exclusive to Ramgrocks) and Skull Stones.
  • Ramgrocks can tear down an entire defense gate, even if it is at full health.