Red Flash Extinguisher!
Client Rachel
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western

Whirlpool Gulch

Task Discover how to put out Magmagrock fire!
Reward Money 2000
Penalty - Money 1000

In the quest Red Flash Extinguisher!, Rachel asks Dillon if he can extinguish the Magmagrock's flames using a specific attack (in battles) during the raids on Whirlpool Gulch.

Getting the Quest

Rachel: - Roving reporter Rachel, hot on the trail of another story!

I heard that there is a way to put out a Magmagrock's flames.
They say it doesn't take items or towers, just an action...
What could it be? I would love to cover this discovery.
I already have the headline: "Red Flash Extinguisher!"
Do you think you can make that story happen for me?

Cleared task

Rachel: - I can't believe you did it! I have to finish the story!

You deserve this reward.

Failed to complete task

Rachel: - Oh dear! My story was just a flash in the pan...

I hope you can afford to pay for my wasted time.


  • If the player take this quest in the first attempt to pass the Whirlpool Gulch's Stage, the player only can use an ability to eliminate flames of Magmagrocks in the 3rd day. Use the Tunnel Attack to flip over the Magmagrock one time (in battle) to complete this quest.

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