Red Scruffles
Red Scruffle
Icon Red Scruffle Icon
Item Type Other
Main Usage Donating
Dropped By.../Found in... The Fields
Rarity Uncommon
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell 25

"The red variety of this plant is packed with far more nutrients than a normal white scruffle."

The Red Scruffles , like the Scruffle are nutritional plants that are food of the scruffle hogs or Scrogs and multiplicate the numbers of Scrogs.They have more nutrients than regular scruffles, so then they can generate Scrogs more quickly. At sometimes after/during Fort Denial, in Dillon's Rolling Western, You may encounter a Red Veggrock rather than gathering the Red Scruffle.


  • Red scruffles bear an odd resemblence to Poké Balls from the Pokémon series, as both are half red and half white.
  • When sold, these Scruflfes sell for five times as much as a white scruffle at 25.