Red Veggrock
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Key Word Red Veg
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health Large Grocks: Medium

Small Grocks: Low

Attacks Roll
Drop Loot Pumice Dust (Common)

Pinkyte (Uncommon)


Red Veggrocks are much rarer than the regular Veggrocks. They start appearing in the Fort Denial and after villages. They are no different from the regular Veggrocks aside from having a red top, releasing much rarer items and a larger body than a Veggrock. They reappear in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

Red Veggrocks are identical to their weaker counterparts, except their top halves are red and the grocks are notably larger. Their color scheme resembles those of Poké-Balls.

Fighting Style

Like their weaker counterparts, Red Veggrocks attack by spinning into Dillon. As with most grocks' physical attacks, the attack can be negated by curling into a ball so that Dillon faces the attack, or by rolling into the grock during the attack.

Red Veggrocks have a unique style of defense. When attacked, they will continue to split into smaller versions of themselves until only tiny grocks the size of pebbles are left. By this time, they are incapable of harm and only need to be rolled over to be defeated.



  • In battle, items that can be received are Pumice Dust and Pinkytes, a rarer form of the Grassyte.
  • Just like the Veggrocks, these Grocks have a strange death scream that sounds very human-like.
  • It's possible to beat the game without running into a Red Veggrock.