Rio Grande
Rio Grande
Village Mayor Madame Adler
Defense Gate Locations North, East and West
Number of Ancient Ruins 3
Latest Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Number of Scrogs Started 20
Starting Train Health N/A
Gears Recieved N/A

'Rio Grande' is the game's 4th village, and is lead by Madame Adler. It's also know as Stage 4: The Lurking Peril. You need at least 7 stars and 3000 gold to enter the village.

  • Arrives in the village and you'll need speak with Colonel Buster about his request mission, Operation Chaperone.
  • The town has three village gates.
  • The Dynamite is used here to provide a shortcut across the river and to open up an area useful for collecting Scruffles.
  • There are two pieces of hearts to collect.
  • You will encounter a new grock type: Megagrock.
  • Madame Adler and Russ's predator-prey dialougue brings a few laughs, as Adler threatens that she might eat Russ if he weren't working for her.
  • You start with 20 scrogs on Day 1.

Star time Requirements

  • 4 Stars: 13:37 or under
  • 3 Stars: 13:38- 17:12
  • 2 Stars: 17:13- 23:09
  • 1 Star: 23:10 or over

Quests Star

The 5th Star is earned buy completing all quests. Here are the Quests for this stage: