Village Mayor Mayor Bryson
Defense Gate Locations North, East, and West
Number of Ancient Ruins 3
Latest Appearence Dillon's Rolling Western
Number of Scrogs Started 15
Starting Train Health N/A
Gears Recieved Basic Spikes

Riverford is Dillon's Rolling Western's second village, and its leader is Mayor Bryson. It's also known as Stage 2: License to Grind. You must have at least 2 stars and 2000 gold in order to enter the village.

  • The town has 3 defense gates.
  • There are two Heart Pieces , in separate Ruins and on the Field.
  • You will recieve the Spikes, your 3rd weapon, that enable you to do the Grind Attack.
  • Visits the Saloon at the end of the 1rst day and encounters Sal selling Puncher Gloves.
  • At the end of the 3rd day, Mayor Bryson figures out Dillon and Russ's secret of being nondeputized rangers, but doesn't mind about it at all.

Star Time Requirements

  • 4 Stars: 11:45 or under
  • 3 Stars: 11:46 - 14:45
  • 2 Stars: 14:46 - 19:20
  • 1 Star: 19:21 or over

Quests Star

The 5th Star is earned by completing all quests. Here are the Quests for this stage: