Robber Roundup
Client Rachel
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western Dust Bowl
Task Defeat 3 Snaggrocks!
Reward Money 2200
Penalty - Money 550

In this the quest Robber Roundup, Rachel asks Dillon eliminates 3 Snaggrocks (inside battle), in the Dust Bowl.

Getting the Quest

Rachel: - Roving reporter Rachel, covering another case.

According to reports, crime is on the increase recently.
If it's true, something must be done about it!
Hand out some good old western judgment on 3 Snaggrocks.
I already have the headline: "Robber Roundup!"
You'll do something about this crime wave, won't you?

Cleared task

Rachel: - That was amazing! You really corralled those criminals!

You put an end to this crime wave for good!
I've got to get this to press! You deserve a reward.

Failed to complete task

Rachel: - You were supposed to round them up, not cheer them on!

Were you planning to steal from me too?
Don't think you can get away without covering my fees.

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