The Rolling Attack is an attack used by Dillon. This attack is also know as the Roll Attack.

The Rolling Attack's strength depends on what Boots Dillon wears. This attack is weaker than charge attacks and stronger than grind attacks and tunnel attacks.


  • Touch the Touch Screen, slide the stylus in the opposite direction you want to roll, and let go. (Battles only)


  • Enemies are automatically targeted if Dillon's initial aiming is off.
  • By moving the Circle Pad, Dillon can shift his position slightly in the air after striking a Grock.


  • This move is available from the beginning of each game, along with the Claw Attack.
  • This attack is used as the basis for every other attack Dillon can use, linking into the Claw Attack, Grind Attack and Tunnel Attack either from the attack's completion or while the attack is still being charged.


Dillon Using Rolling Attack on Weakgrock