Rolling Return
Client Rachel
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western

River Delta

Task Get over 200 grind-attack hits!
Reward Money 1200
Penalty - Money 300

In this quest, Rachel asks Dillon to make a hit score of 200 or more grind-attack hits (inside battles or mining) in River Delta.

Getting the Quest

Rachel: - This is roving reporter Rachel, and I'm back on the trail of a new story.

According to what my sources are saying, it's possible to perform the grind attack 200 times or more!
I'd be interested to see the evidence myself.
If it's true, you're going to need a name.
How about... the Rolling Stone?
Roly Poly?
I've got it! How about being known as the High Roller?
No time to waste -- get your hide rolling!

Cleared task

Rachel: - Unbelievable! My readers will be amazed! 200 times?!

It even made me dizzy to watch you spinning so much.
I must stagger back to the office to get it typed up.
Mr. High Roller, you earned this.

Failed to complete task

Rachel: - I should have known the rumors were just poppycock.

Nobody could be capable of grinding 200 times.
Well, I'm just going to have to charge you for my lost time.


  • To easely fulfill this quest, battle against Bossgrock or Diregrock and make continuously grind-attacks. You can reach 100-hits.

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