"Psst! Wanna see my special collection? Hehehe!"

Sal's Hut (or Sal's Shack in The Last Ranger) is the place to see all of Sal's Grock Collection. In Dillon's Rolling Western, once you earn all 50 stars (you get four stars in each stage if you manage a good enough time and the fifth star for completed all the quest within the stage), Sal lets you view this grock collection whenever you like. In the Last Ranger, however, you will need to earn 70 stars to get to the shack. Other than having the 70 gold stars, you can have the gold stars and an additional bronze stars (from the Star Shop) that add up to 70 total stars. This would make it easier for getting to Sal's Shack if you have the money to buy the amount of bronze stars needed.


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