Scruffle Hogs or Scrogs for short (Japanese: マンジュー, Manjou), are pigs that main diet consists of the fruit of the Scruffle Plant and Red Scruffle Plant, hence their name. They are the livestock of the towns in the Dillon series and as well as the main prey of the Grocks. Dillon had to protect them again as well as a train in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. The rewards's list you received after a raid also depends on quantity of scrogs surviving in the village.


  • The Scrogs can be seen in the training room near the back fence. They are nearly twice as large as Dillon.
  • Hint: It takes 10 Scruffles (2 plants) to make a Scrog or 5 Red Scruffles (one red variant plant) to make a Scrog.
  • The Scrogs appearance and size is almost similar and the same as a Scruffle Plant.
  • As evidenced when you donate Scruffles, they can reproduce fast as long as their food is nearby.



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