Icon Scruffle Icon
Item Type Other
Main Usage Donating
Dropped By.../Found in... The Overworld
Rarity Common
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell 5

"This plant is the main food for scrogs. Peel back the skin to reveal the edible fruit underneath."

Scruffles (Japanese: マンジュー草 Manjū Kusa, Mandarin Grass) are nutritional plants that are food of the scruffle hogs or Scrogs and multiplicate the numbers of Scrogs. A red variety, deemed to be packed with more nutrients than a regular scruffle, will appear on occasion. The number of scruffles needed to generate a Scrog can vary, though it usually averages 10 per Scrog. A Grock known as the Veggrock disguises itself as a scruffle. When Dillon gets too close, it'll jump out. Then, you have to battle it. There is a stronger version called the Red Veggrock. In Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, scruffles can be collected from the air whcih are known as Scruffle Puffs. Dillon is the only one who can collect the Scruffle Puffs.



  • During Dillon's Rolling Western's beta footage, the scruffles were named as Manju Grass (translated from the japanese game).