Icon Scruffle Icon
Item Type Other
Main Usage Donating
Dropped By.../Found in... The Overworld
Rarity Common
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell 5

"This plant is the main food for scrogs. Peel back the skin to reveal the edible fruit underneath."

Scruffles are nutritional plants that are food of the scruffle hogs or Scrogs and multiplicate the numbers of Scrogs. A red variety, deemed to be packed with more nutrients than a regular scruffle, will appear on occasion. The number of scruffles needed to generate a Scrog can vary, though it usually averages 10 per Scrog. A Grock known as the Veggrock disguises itself as a scruffle. When Dillon gets too close, it'll jump out. Then, you have to battle it. There is a stronger version called the Red Veggrock. In Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, scruffles can be collected from the air whcih are known as Scruffle Puffs. Dillon is the only one who can collect the Scruffle Puffs.



  • During Dillon's Rolling Western's beta, scruffles were known as Manju Grass.

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