Scruffroom Saute
Client Sebastian
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western Dust Bowl
Task Find Scruffrooms growing near the scruffles.
Reward Money 1600
Penalty - Money 800

In this the quest Scruffroom Saute, Sebastian asks Dillon to find Scruffrooms, with generally growing at dusk, in the Dust Bowl.

Reminder: the quest has to be taken before Dillon can find the item.

Getting the Quest

Sebastian: - Just look at my poor boy! He's as thin as a stork!

Sebastian's Son: - Just bones!

Sebastian: - If he doesn't get something nutritious soon, he'll waste away!

For a caloric meal, there's nothing better than a scruffroom!
Scruffrooms are so called because they grow near scruffles!
But they only sprout at dusk, so they are not easy to find.
There's no way I can go and get one at such a dangerous time of day.
Would you mind?

Cleared task

Sebastian: - Thank you!

Look, Son! We've got a nice scruffroom for you.
Let's cook it and eat it right away!

Sebastian's Son: - ...

It tastes great! It's better than the mushrooms they serve at school.
I don't wanna pretend to be sick anymore.
We asked him to do lots of tough things for us.
If he couldn't do it, we even planned to take his money.
But I don't wanna pretend anymore!

Sebastian: - Son! You shouldn't have just blurted it out to him like that!

Well, there you have it, ranger. We've cheating you all this time. Sorry!
I thought you'd never be able to get us a scruffroom.
But you did. And I think it made us both come to our senses.
You've reformed us and saved us from a life of crime!
Thanks, ranger!
Here's the money we owe you.

Failed to complete task

Sebastian: - Oh, my poor boy, poor boy! You won't get to eat a scruffroom after all.

Darn it! You might waste away, but I will never forget you... Sob!

Sebastian's Son: - I don't wanna die!

Sebastian: - Don't worry. If you die, I will make sure this ranger pays for it.

I'm sure he'd prefer to settle out of court anyway.

Sebastian's Son: - Yippee!

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