Icon Shard Icon
Item Type Ores
Main Usage Building Defense Gates
Dropped By.../Found in... Mines



Rarity Common
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell 1

"These pieces of stone contain trace quantities of the metals used to build defense gates."

Shards are common materials used to build defense gates. They look relatively like a blue crystal somewhat simmilar to the Stone, but more brighter. Each shard builds the defense gates 2% each, in total, 50 Shards makes makes one defense gate. This is the same material to make Rails in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, only costing 25 shards for each rail.


  • Though it costs 50 for defense gates, half of what is needed can make rails, in which Dillon can make 2 rails.
  • In the Dillon's Rolling Western Beta, the Shard was called a "Kochin Stone."

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