Icon Shotgun Map Icon
Basic Damage Medium
Highest Level Level 3
Wood Cost 700
Iron Cost 1400
Steel Cost 3500
Wood Health 270
Iron Health 720
Steel Health 1620
Village Introduced DRW: Cinchville

TLR: Beginsville


Shotguns are a type of weapon that can be equipped to a Gun Tower.


Shotguns have the shortest range of any gun, covering a short distance ranging 360 degrees around a single tower. Because they're not the greatest choice for the purpose of outright attacking Grocks and are solely for defending a gun tower, they can be used in locations where it may take Dillon a while to reach and defend a tower that's being attacked.


  • Shotgun Lv. 1: 1200
  • Shotgun Lv. 2: 2850
  • Shotgun Lv. 3: 3600


  • Most reliable and cheap weapon in the game.


  • Short distance range, hitting only Grocks coming very close to tower or attacks the tower.
  • Has a slower firing rate than a Gatling gun, but is faster than a cannon.




  • ??

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