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Featured Grocks Veggrock
Start Money 1000
Quest 1 Twin-Twister Tango
Quest 2 Madam Croaky's Red-Hot Helmets
Quest 3 The "Triple S" Tactic

"Help is on the way? No way! A ranger would never come all the way out here. We're too far off the beaten path...

Side Stage 1: "A Tip for the Dead" is the second Stage following Main Stage 0: "The Red Flash Returns" in the game, Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. This is also the first Side Stage that involves getting a partner. Dillon and Russ heads south to buy some time for the train to get to the next village, however they meet a strange character.


Storyline (First Time)

Day 1

First Arrival

Mitch: Oh, thank you so much for coming, ranger. I didn't think you'd make it out here!

Russ: Huh? Why wouldn't we make it?

Mitch: Our town's not on the train line... We thought you might just skip over us.

Russ: Nah, we wouldn't do that. We're here, so you can relax now.

Mitch: Phew, that's a relief! By the way, I'm Mitch. I'm in charge here.

Russ: I'm Russ. And this here is my brother-in-arms, Dillon.

Mitch: Here's the situation. Our town is on south side of a valley that runs east to west.

The grocks are marching on the village from northern hills and the valley.
I don't know why they do it, but they seem to like to follow the roads.
Of course, this makes it easy to predict their paths and defend the approaches.

Russ: Thanks for the tip, Mitch. We've got it covered.

Mitch: You're such a brave rat... I'm proud to be a member of the same species!

Russ: I'm not a rat!!!

Prep Time

Russ: Hey, buddy. Did you look at the crystal we got from the village mayor?

It's a curious thing. It looks like it has some kind of fire inside, but it's not hot. Hmm.
Every once in a while, you can get a crystal when you defeat a grock group.
I think they might be very useful in battle if you use them at the right time.
We just got a freeze crystal.
You can use it like an item, by throwing it at the grocks.
Use it to stop a grock group in its tracks for a short period of time.
Tap the pouch icon at the bottom right of the Touch Screen...
and then select Items. You can use it from there.

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It's almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 1

Mitch: Brilliant! What splendid work that was!

I would like to raise a glass to your efforts, Dillon...
*whispers*Don't look now, but... Do you see that sketchy-looking fellow over there?
I've seen that face somwhere before, but for the life of me I can't remember where...
Anyway... let's save the toasts till after the third day.
Of course, we'll have juice for you young'uns! Ahah hah hah!
*whispers*Just watch out for that guy over there, Dillon.

[Talks to Gallo.]

Gallo: The name's Gallo... Dillon and Russ, right?

Russ: Huh? Have we met somewhere?

Gallo: No. I've just heard rumors... Thought I'd come and take a look for myself.

Russ: Um, Gallo... You're a gunman, aren't you?

We could sure use your help battling the grocks.

Gallo: Hmm... Well... You're scrappy, but you look like you could use the help.

And it's not that I can't help, but...

Russ: C'mon! We need to defend this place and the train that runs into the frontier lands.

Gallo: Hmm...

If you want to hire me, it'll cost Money1500. My fee is not negotiable.

[Do you want to hire this ranger?]

[chooses yes]

*sound of money thrown on the table*

Gallo: Ah, payment in coins. Excellent. So it's a deal.

Very well. Until tomorrow then.

[Talks to Gallo.]

Gallo: Well... Here's to tomorrow.

[Talks to Sal]

Sal: Hisssss! Welcome.

I just got a new pair of gloves in stock. Yesss?

[Buys the Puncher Gloves]

Heh heh. Thank you!

[Dillon puts on the gloves]

Hey, you... Don't forget thisss.
Level 2 and higher gear wears down as you use it.
Tap the equipment icon on the Dillon Menu.
and be on the lookout for any wear and tear that may have developed!
If you immediately replace your worn gear.
it'll be great for my business! Yessssssss!

[Select Rest to proceed.]

Day 2

Prep Time

Russ: Hey, Gallo! Um, where were you born?

Gallo: Hmm... Where was I born...

Russ: Huh? You don't know?

Gallo: Nevermind about me. Dillon, we need to talk.

If you need any help preparing the village's defenses...
all you have to do is ask me. When I'm under contact. I'll do almost anything.
But don't go changing your mind. Once you've given me a task. I need to finish it.
So think hard before you ask me to do something. Capisce?
Oh, and once the raid starts, I'm going to gun down any grocks that comes near me.
If you have a specific spot you want me to defend or a place you want me to go to...
Come and talk to me, or press on the +Control Pad to contact me via radio.

Russ: Wow, Gallo, you may look ornery, but you're actually very accommodating.

Gallo: You think so? Well, appearances can be deceiving.

[after giving Gallo a task]

Gallo': One more thing, Dillon. If you want the stuff I'm gathering for you,

you need to come to me to get it!
I'm not your errand boy. You come to me!

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It's almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 2

Mitch: Ahh, nice work, boys. Thank you for your efforts.

I get so nervous watching you out there. Don't you get scared sometimes?

Russ: Scared? Hah! Dillon, do you ever get scared?

Mitch: Uh, forgot I asked. I'll nervously anticipate more fearless fighting tomorrow!

[Select Rest to proceed.]

Day 3

Prep Time

Russ: Good morning, Dillon!

Today's our last day in this village.
Be sure to use the limited time we have here efficiently.
You should be able to gather all the scruffles and dig up all the nuggets in the mines.
Of course, feed the scruffles to the scrogs, use nuggets to build the gates, and sell gems.
It's a lot of work, but your efforts now will help sway the tide of battle later!

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It's almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Raid Time

[After end the Raid Time (defeating all grocks or the duration time expires), a curtscene of Dens disappearing in the ground is displayed.]

Russ: - We did it! The dens are collapsing!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 3

Mitch: You did it! You defended us for three days!

Now it's time for you boys to kick back and relax.
Oh, wait. I suppose you can't rest as long as the train line is threatened...
I hope you'll at least be able to get a good night's sleep. I think you've earned it.

Russ: Thanks!

[Talks to Gallo.]

Gallo: After all that action, my trigger finger is plumb tuckered out.

[Select Rest to proceed.]

Gallo: Wait, Dillon.

[Dillon and Russ looks at Gallo]

Russ: Hey, Gallo... we're going to hit the hay early tonight. You should, too.

Tomorrow we head for the next station. The fight there is going to be even more...

[Gallo tosses coins]

Gallo: Russ... I'm not going.

[Mitch is shocked]

Mitch: Ulp! I know where I've seen you...

[Russ looks at Mitch]

On a wanted poster! You're Gallo, the Coin Killer. A hired gun!

[Gallo stops tossing the coins]

Gallo: Hmm. These days you can use money to make your problems go away.

Dillon, my services were engaged to solve the problems that is you and Russ.

[Russ looks at Gallo]

Russ: What? By who? I bet it was King Ron! Right?!

Gallo: Maybe. But... from what I've seen...

it seems there are any number of desperados out there who want to kill you.
It's not that I'm a nice guy, but I do have my honor.
If someone calls you out face-to-face, you accept the challenge and fight to win.
The loser ends up in the care of the undertaker.

[Gallo crosses arms]

Don't be stubborn. If you fight, you'll end up dead.
So... just hand over the money you stole from the gorilla...
and everything you have on you right now...
and I'll let you and your partner off the hook. No questions asked.

Russ: The money we stole?! We earned that money fair and square, in battle!

[Mitch looks at Russ and Dillon]

Mitch: Dillon, Russ... We don't want any more trouble around here.

Why don't you give him what he wants? You can't put a price on your lives.

[Russ looks at Dillon, He looks at Russ and nods. Dillon and Russ then leaves the Saloon. Mitch watches as they walk out.]

Uhhh... Russ... Hey! Where are you going?
Don't do this! Dillon! Please, listen to reason!
He's packing iron! You can't win!
Dillon! Russ! Get back here!

[Gallo puts his arms down]

Gallo: ...Fools.

{Click here to go to the inrto and the duel}

Storyline (2nd time)

Day 1

First Arrival

Same as above ↑

Prep Time

Same as above ↑

Free Time (Saloon) Day 1

Mitch: Brilliant! What a splendid piece of work that was!

It's fantastic to have such a powerful armadillo helping us out.
Your efforts have revived the spirit and energy of the villagers!
Thank you, Dillon. Thank you, Russ.

Main Stage 0: "The Red Flash Returns" ---------- Main Stage 1: "Operation: Railroad Rescue"

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