Featured in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Featured Grocks Mawgrock, Megagrock, and Stronggrock
Start Money 3000
Quest 1 Jump, Then Battle
Quest 2 News Flash: Mawgrock Massacre
Quest 3 The "Persistent 3D" Tactic

"Looks like there is a new grock in town. It's got a big mouth full of fangs, and it swims in the river. We need help, ranger!"

Side Stage 3: "The Fully-Armed Sharpshooter" is the sixth Stage following Main Stage 2: "The Rail Crasher" in the game, Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. Dillon and Russ heads south to to the Triple March Island, however Louie doent know what to worry about more, the strange character or the vicious Aquatic Grocks.


Storyline(First Time)

Day 1

First Arrival

Louie: My dear ranger, I am Louie, your host. Welcome to Triple Marsh Island.

Russ: This is Dillon. I'm his sidekick, Russ.

Louie: When these troubles started, I fantasized that a ranger would come to our island.

No one here volunteered. Half of the villagers have already abandoned the place.

Russ: We're here. And don't think they sent a young ranger here because it's so remote.

For now, we are the only rangers to be put on the job.

Louie: Oh, really?

Russ: So we have to be ready for anything! What's the situation report, Chief?

Louie: Umm, that... I haven't been keeping track.

Though there have been sightings of a grock sea monster in the water.

Russ: Interesting... I wonder what it will do when the raid starts?

It probably crawl onto the land in order to attack the village, right?

Louie: I guess so. I really haven't given it that much thought.

Russ: Once it climbs out of the water, that's our chance.

Because I don't think we'll be able to wrangle it while it's swimming.
An aquatic grock... Pretty crazy, huh?

Louie: From what I heard, most of the sightings have been on the west side of the village.

Thanks again for making my dreams come true and helping our island village!
A client would like to talk to you.

[ Colonel Buster appears with the Intro Quest. Now appears the option for take or not this mission.]

Prep Time

Russ: Hey, Dillon. What do you think this thing is?

That old coot in the village said it would keep you safe.
Woah! It actually looks pretty cool on you!
The image of the rattlesnake carved into the old wood...
has awakened the ancestral memories encoded in Dillon's DNA!
Dillon has learned the battle skill drift attack!
Slide the stylus on the Touch Screen, and then press and hold the L button.
When red sparks start shooting out, release the stylus!
Dillon will burst forward in a curved trajectory.
As he rolls, he'll damage all the enemies he hits!
This is very effective against enemies that are difficult to attack head-on!
You can review these controls in the Game Guide.

Russ: Oh, and also... I found out something about the tower weapons here.

It seems they are much more powerful than the ones we've used so far.
And... ...What's that?
Whoa! He gave that tailsman to you?

[Dillon nods as if saying "yes"]

Russ: I guess he wasn't just showing it to you...

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It’s almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 1

Louie: R-r-ranger! There's a strange...THING out in the back of the saloon!

I don't know what it is! Out in the backyard...
I can't understand a word it says...

Russ: Dillon, I'll go check it out...

Let go! You creep!

[ Nomad appears in the back holding Russ hostage, Dillon gets ready to attack, The Bartender pulls out a large shotgun, and Stranger gets his pistol out. Nomad sees both guns pointed at him, so he pulls out two of his own pistols.]

[Louie freaks out]

Louie: Oh no. No, no, no! Dillon! Everyone! Let's all calm down...

[A silent moment goes on, but is interrupted by Sal]

SalLetter 3Letter 5Letter 1Letter 3Letter 10PeriodPeriodPeriod   Letter 6Letter 4Letter 8   Letter 2Letter 5Letter 9Letter 10Letter 4Letter 8Letter 10Period

[ Nomad looks at Sal for a moment, then he lets go of Russ and lowers his guns. Everyone else does the same.]

Sal: I told him that messing with kidsss...

will make him an outcassst, even among his own mates.

Louie: His own mates?

Sal: Shipmatesss... He's a pirate from the eassstern sssea.

He's also a famosss assassin. Without a doubt, he's been hired by someone.

Russ: Aww, not again!

Sal: So, Russ... I'd say you and I are sssquare now for last year's business...

Russ: Dillon... I'm all right. He didn't hurt me.

In fact, I just thought of something. We should hire him!
Look at him... He's probably right at home in and under the water!

[Dillon talks to Nomad]

Russ: Excuse me. I hear you're a pirate.'re probably a great swimmer, huh?

Nomad: ......

Russ: And now you know that it's bad to hurt children, right?

So what do you think about partnering with us?

Nomad: ......

Russ: Im Russ. What's your name?

NomadLetter 6Letter 9PeriodPeriodPeriod Letter 5Letter 3Letter 9Letter 7Letter 2! mark   Letter 4Letter 8Letter 7   Letter 5Letter 3Letter 9Letter 7Letter 2! mark! mark

Russ: I have no idea what you just said, so how about I come up with my own name for you?

I'll call you...Nomad! You've probably roamed far from home and are all alone.
Dillon! Let's hire Nomad for Money2500!

[Do you want to hire this ranger?]

[chooses yes]

[sound of money thrown on the table]

NomadLetter 9Letter 8   Letter 1Letter 4Letter 2Letter 9PeriodPeriodPeriod

Russ: All right! I think we have a deal!

[Dillon talks to Sal]

Sal: Hisssss! Welcome.

Feassst your eyes on these spectacular glovesss...

[You can buy Slasher Gloves for 1800 gold.Select Rest to proceed.]

Day 2

Prep Time


[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It's almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 2


Day 3

Prep Time


[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It's almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Raid Time

[After end the Raid Time (defeating all grocks or the duration time expires), a curtscene of Dens disappearing in the ground is displayed.]

Russ: - We did it! The dens are collapsing!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 3


Storyline (2nd time)

Day 1

First Arrival


Prep Time


Free Time (Saloon) Day 1

Louie: ??

Main Stage 2: "The Rail Crasher" ---------- Main Stage 3: "The Civilian and the Warrior"


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