Simulation: 2 & 4 Down!
Client Colonel Buster
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western

Whirlpool Gulch

Task Protect the village without using towers 2 and 4!
Reward Money 1800
Penalty - Money 450

In the quest Simulation: 2 & 4 Down, Dillon enters in a simulation mode where he cannot do anything with towers 2 and 4 in the Whirlpool Gulch. In terms of the towers, Dillon cannot equip weapons, build the tower (either broken or not) and repairing.

Note: This is one of those quests that have to be taken before starting the day. If you don't take the quest, it will not be available to you. This doesn't count as a penalty.

Getting the Quest

Colonel Buster: - Attention, pups! Today we are going to try a simmulation.

We're going to see what would happen if you couldn't use certain towers.
We'll find out by doing exactly that in the field. Get by without using towers 2 and 4.
Not using them means no building, guns, or repairs!
This is only a simmulation, so all the towers are still available to you... Just be careful not to use towers 2 and 4 to complete your mission.
Very well! Company! Commence simulation!

Cleared task

Colonel Buster: - Woof! The simulation was a complete sucess.

Hot doggity! Trainning or not, you really did it.
Simulation company dismissed! Here's your reward. You earned it.

Failed to complete task

Colonel Buster: - Grr! It's a good thing this was only training.

Maybe you would fare better if it happened for real...
But neglecting your training is unbefitting of a bona fide commander.
You're going to have to pay for the lesson this time.

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