Skull Stone
Skull Stone
Icon Skull Stone Icon
Item Type Ores
Main Usage Selling and Quest
Dropped By.../Found in... Ramgrocks
Rarity Rare
Cost to Buy N/A
Cost to Sell {{{Cost to Sell}}}

"Type of rock with unequaled strength and weight. Used by the ancients during sieges."

Skull Stones are a bone of the Ramgrock's head. They are the part on top that allows them to "hammer" Dillon in battle. It can be obtained by grinding a Ramgrock but its a rare find. These items are mainly for selling and one of Madam Croaky's request "Skull Collecting" at Hillville within the Dillon's Rolling Western Game.

Quests Required In

  • Madam Croaky requests one of these stones in one of her quests in Hillville not long after Dillon first runs into the Ramgrocks.
  • These items seem to be like the top of a hammer.