Snaggrock Art
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Key Word Snag
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health Low
Attacks Headbutt (if cornered)
Drop Loot Striped Rock (Common)

Striped Stone (Uncommon) Ambernite (Rare)

"This grock likes nothing more than to ambush settlers to steal money. No one really knows why. It doesn't spend it anywhere."

Snaggrocks are strange striped Grocks that steal your money and must be chased down. They are first encountered in Riverford. They reappear in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

Snaggrocks are tear-shaped, colored with black-and-white stripes to resemble a prisoner's uniform. Their eyes are rimmed by black and thus resemble masks. They also have miniscule appendages resembling a mustache under their eyes.

Fighting Style

Snaggrocks are not adept at fighting. They will mostly run around the battle area in a panicked fashion, even occasionally pausing to quickly glance around before resuming running about. They wil only perform simple head-butts if cornered. If not all defeated within a time limit, the Snaggrocks will escape, and Dillon must continue to chase them on the field and reingage in batle until they are defeated to recover stolen money. The best strategy to defeat them all is quick chaining attacks, such as Claw Attacks, in order to continue attacking other grocks once the first has been defeated.

Snaggrocks have a meager defense, about that of a Footgrock's.



  • Snaggrocks are most likely to appear in notably darker patches of sand.
  • Their running animations on the field appears very erratic and choppy, with legs moving from one spot to another without any movement in between.
  • It is unknown for what reason Snaggrocks steal the player's money, though it is possible the minerals in coin money could be used in the formation of new grocks in dens. This is unlikely though, as the composition of common grocks is unknown and appears to be mainly rock, not the metal found in money.
  • It's possible to beat the game without running into a Snaggrock, but you must run into a few of them to complete a quest in the Dust Bowl.