Snake Talisman
Icon Snake Talisman Icon
Main Use Drift Attack
Uses Unlimited
Level Unlocked Triple March Island
Cost N/A
Previous Gear N/A
Next Gear Mole Talisman

"A strange wooden charm with a rattlesnake design carved on it."

The Snake Talisman is a small charm with a snake carving that was given to Dillon from Louie in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. This Gear allows Dillon to use the Drift Attack against grocks that are impossible to attack head on, like Mawgrocks.


Main article: Drift Attack

The Snake Talisman allows Dillon to perform the Drift Attack to attack any enemy from the side instead of head on. Holding the rolling attack while holding the L button will show the red streaks on Dillon, showing the Drift Mode. Releasing it will make Dillon drift across the side and hit grocks that come his way. He can also perform a clay attack at the end of the drift.



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