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TLR: ??

Key Word Spring
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health Medium
Attacks Spring Jump
Drop Loot Coiled Stone(Common)

Spring Stone(Uncommon)

Top Spring Stone(Rare)

"The bottom half of this grock's body has morphed into a spring. It possesses a strange power that makes it flexible and springy."

The Springgrocks are some of the most dangerous Grocks in the game. They can take shortcuts by jumping up and over cliffs and will completely ignore village gates in the same manner. Combined with their ravenous appetite of up to 14 scrogs, Springgrocks are prime targets to focus on and defeat first. They first appear in Fort Denial on the second day. They reappear in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Physical Appearance

Springgrocks are orange in color, causing their faces to vaguely resemble Jack-o'-lanterns. The lower halves of their bodies are made up of a thick spring. The spring is their means of movement and attacking, allowing them to leap high distances and even over cliffs. The springs also seem to absorb the shock of jumping down from a cliff. Along with the last boss, they are the only grocks to not possess feet.

Fighting Style

Springgrocks only have one primary attack, albeit a difficult one to counter. They will jump high into the air before attempting to slam headfirst into Dillon. Dillon's only opportunity to attack is when it lands for a brief moment in between jumps; if one is fast enough, Springgrock becomes one of the most easiest grocks to defeat. 

Springgrocks have a moderate defense, which coupled with their evasion makes them formidable foes.



  • Springgrocks never attack towers, meaning that if the player is capable of attacking one with a tower, then the Springgrock will not retaliate.
  • This is difficult to do as they often try to take the shortest path possible to the village, easily bypassing any tower's range unless they are aimed at the den the Springgrock spawns from, or at the gate the Springgrock attempts to jump over.