Stage 6
Featured in Dillon's Rolling Western
Featured Grocks Springgrock, Maskgrock, Red Veggrock
Start Money 5500
Quest 1 Farewell Froggy!
Quest 2 Operation Long Shot
Quest 3 The Killer Claw!

"Come quick, ranger! Dawdle, and I swear: no reward for you!"
-Mayor Howlihan

Stage 6: "A Muddy Promise" is the sixth Stage in the game, Dillon's Rolling Western. Dillon and his companion Russ continue their quest and meet a Mayor who was a Retired Ranger back in the day. Dillon and his sidekick are warned about goofing off on Fort Denial.



Day 1

First Arrival

Mayor Howlihan: - Are you Dillon and Russ?

Russ: - Yes! I'm Russ, and this...

Mayor Howlihan: - There's no time for introductions. Just get ready to fight.

Russ: - What? Right now? But we just got here!

Mayor Howlihan: - I got a new weapon for the towers -- long cannon. Shoots farther than regular guns.

Then there's the plug crystal that lets you hold up grocks from coming out of a den.
Also, you'll have noticed the plains're chuck of full of mud puddles 'round these partes.
Choose you trail carefully, or you'll have trouble keeping you precious spikes clean.
That's all, small fry. So if you got all that, you can get down to work!

Russ: - Hey, we're rangers! We can take care of anything!

Mayor Howlihan: - Really? Well, tell me then...

What is the ranger creed? What words do all rangers live by?

Russ: - It's "Never run away!"

Or is it "Respect your brother!"? Hmmm...

Mayor Howlihan: - You're barking up the wrong tree. You pups don't know anything.

Russ: - What? All right then, what do you think the answer is?

Mayor Howlihan: - It's "Practice makes perfect." It's as simple as that.

Russ: - I-I-I was going to say that... Hey... you seem to know a lot about being a ranger!

Mayor Howlihan: - That's right... 'Cause I used to be a dang good one.

Prep Time

Russ: - A former ranger turned mayor? Wow!

Did you see that huge scar on his face?
He sure is a tough act to follow.
And really scary to boot!

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: - Hey! Look at the sky...

The village will be locked during a raid.
If you've got bussiness in the village, do it now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: - Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 1

[Select Buy Gear]

Sal: - Psst! Hey, ranger!

You'll need some better boots to go up against stronger enemies.

[Sal selling Rhino Hide Boots for 1950 gold. Select Rest to proceed.]

Mayor Howlihan: - Finished your vittles? Then hit the hay.

Russ: - Eek! Yes, sir! Mr. Ranger, sir!

Mayor Howlihan: - I'm not a ranger anymore! You shavers are.

Russ: - Yes, yes. And we won't forget it!

Mayor Howlihan: - Ah, yes. One more thing. I hear you're saving up cash for something. That right?

Russ: - Um, no! Not at all! We're flat-out broke!

[Mayor Howlihan showed an poster of an outlaw.]

Mayor Howlihan: - Hey, you don't have to worry about me stealing it. I just want to warn you.

Take a good look at this face. He goes by the name King Ron.

Russ: - Rin Kong?

Mayor Howlihan: - He's a desperado who shows up wherever there's a whiff of money.

Be careful when you're in town flashing your cash around. That's all I'll say.
Good luck for tomorrow. You'll need it...

Day 2

Prep Time

Russ: - Morning, buddy.

I've been talking to the villagers.
They say their mayor used to be a real gunslinger. We don't wanna mess with him.
Let's make sure we don't give him anything to complain about.
He probably wouldn't hesitate to lock us up in the pokey and throw away the key.
I can just hear him: "We don't need anyone playing ranger in these parts!"
Then *slam!* No more roaming for us!

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: - Did you hear that? It’s almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: - Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 2

[Select Rest to proceed.]

Mayor Howlihan: - Tomorrow's your last day, "Practice makes perfect," remember?

Russ: - Practice makes perfect... Practice makes perfect... Must remember...

Mayor Howlihan: - Hey! Quit messing around. You pups need to grow up fast!

One more thing...
You may be greenhorns, but somethin' in your troubled past toughened you up.
You've got courage and real guts. Nothing frightens you.
Exactly what happened in the city to make you yearn to come out west?

Russ: - Nothing bad happened. Well, we didn't do anything wrong.

It's just we've never known our parents.
I guess that's what you mean by "troubled past," right?

Mayor Howlihan: - So, a pair of guttersnipes... That's a real tear squeezer.

But to become a good ranger, you need to understand the troubles of others too...
I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you. I bet you'll be unbeatable.

Day 3

Prep Time

Russ: - Morning, buddy.

I think we'll be seeing that Springgrock again today.
Boing! It really jumps around, doesn't it?
If we don't take care of it quickly, it'll jump into the village...
Don't forget! Boing! Boing!

[After 5 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: Did you hear that? It’s almost time...

If you wanna go to the village, go now!

[After 6 minutes in the plains.]

Russ: - Watch out! The grocks are coming!

Raid Time

[After end the Raid Time (defeating all grocks or the duration time expires), a curtscene of Dens disappearing in the ground is displayed.]

Russ: - We did it! The dens are collapsing!

Free Time (Saloon) Day 3

[Select Leave Town to proceed.]

Mayor Howlihan: - You did it, rangers! Just as I expected.

Russ: - Eh? We didn't realize you had that much faith in us.

Mayor Howlihan: - I didn't! Well, not at first anyway.

But after I saw what you could do in a fight, I started to believe that you could suceed where I had failed.

Russ: - You? Failed? How?

Mayor Howlihan: - I once failed to protect the village from a bandit attack. Lots of people got hurt...

I've been atoning for it ever since.

Russ: - Ah... I see.

Mayor Howlihan: - But I've never forgotten what it means to be ranger.

Russ: - Neither will we! You taught us that.

Mayor Howlihan: - I reckon I did. And can you tell me what the secret to being a ranger is?

Russ: - "Cactus makes perfect!"

Mayor Howlihan: - Kid, you need to get yourself some schooling as soon as possible. You hear?


  • In this stage are made the first appears of Jump Pads.
  • Here, the mayor has installed the Long Cannon (Gun Tower's new weapon type).

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