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Map Icon N/A
Key Word Swing Horn
Grock Type Special
First Appearance Imperious Rex Ruins
Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Health High
Attacks Charge, Rage, Horn Swing
Drop Loot Broken-Horn Rock (Common)

Crazy-Eye Rock (Uncommon)

Gemini Horn (Rare)

"A new species of grock that looks and acts like a bull. It seems to get very agitated around Dillon, but it may be that his red back shell provokes his reaction."

The Swinghorngrock is a bull-like grock that only appears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger within the Treasure Hunts. These are ravenous grocks that actually can be unpredictable of not careful. 

Physical Appearance

Swinghorngrocks are cone-shaped grocks with large horns from the top of the head extending from the left and right. It's body is small compared to its large horns. They have an orange coloring to its body, but slightly darker on its horns. The mouth of this grock extends more out of the body than most grocks.

Attack Style

Swinghorngrocs may seem unpredictable, but most of the time, their moves are easily seen. Like most grocks, they can charge at you. The Swinghorngrock can make turns more easily than most grocks, but still won't achieve that sharp turn.

One thing this grock is known to do is Rage. It can get really agitated if the following things occur:

  1. If it sees Dillon's back.
  2. He is attacked from the front.
  3. If Dillon uses his Tunnel Attack to knock it in the air.

If any of these things occur, he will start to turn red and snort heavily at Dillon. There is no possible way to attack it while it is in this state. If it was harmed, it will swing its horns at Dillon and knock him in the air. If not careful, this will happen a lot. So the best option of attack is to Attack from behind. It is best to use the tunnel attack to get behind this grock or wait until after it charges.



  • It's Attack style seems to relate to the bull.
  • Just like in Bull fights, they get agitated when they see the color RED, this happens to the Swinghorngrock because of Dillon's red back.
  • The Mature Form of this grock is much larger and stronger ith the same qualities. making that grock a more competitive foe.

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