The "Persistent 3D" Tactic
Client Colonel Buster
Introduced in... Triple March Island
Task Do not allow the grocks to destroy any towers for three days.
Reward Money 1600
Penalty - Money 400

 In this quest, The "Persistent 3D" Tactic, Dillon cannot let any towers down more three times in 3 Days, protecting the Triple March Island.

Note: This is one of those quests that have to be taken before starting the day. If you don't take the quest, it will not be available to you. This doesn't count as a penalty.

Getting the Quest

Colonel Buster: - Hey there, recruits! If you're planing to use the towers to defend the village,

you need to think about the towers's safety as well as their offensive capabilities.
Your next mission is to not let any of your towers be destroyed over three days!
What do you think? Hmm. Sounds tough, doesn't it?
Think of the towers as special ladies...lovely and delicate. You need too protect them!
Erm, anyways. Commence operations!
Well, get to it! Make me proud, soldier!

Completed task

Colonel Buster: - ??

Failed to complete task

Colonel Buster: - ??


  • This quest is much like Operation Caretaker, but a little bit harder giving that the previous, it gave Dillon three chances, but this one requires no towers to be destroyed, no chances. This is introduced earlier in the game, rather than the last village.

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