The "Triple S" Tactic
Client Colonel Buster
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger Gambol Ranch
Task Defeat three or more grock groups with a tower shotgun.
Reward Money 480
Penalty - Money 120

In the quest, The "Triple S" TacticColonel Buster requests Dillon to defeat three grock groups with a Shotgun.

Getting the Quest

Colonel Buster: Ah, you there. Let's see if I can put a name to yer faces.

Hmm... Nope, it's no use. I'm drawing a complete blank.
Anyhow, you look like you've been 'round a tower or two.
Reckon you'd be able to take out three groups of grocks with a tower shotgun?
That's three groups with a tower shotgun, and you'll get a... you know... a bonus.
All right, whippersnappers! Commence operations!
Right, then. Get to it! Look sharp!

Cleared task

Colonel Buster: Well? Mission accomplished? Ho ho, fine work!

You two are a couple of promising recruits.
Right, that's it then. Operation complete!
Let's give you this. Here you go!

Failed to complete task

Colonel Buster: ??

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