The Hero Returns
Client Rachel
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger


Task Defeat three Bossgrocks.
Reward Money 300
Penalty - Money 150

In the quest The Hero Returns, Rachel asks Dillon to defeat three Bossgrocks. This quest is introduced in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger in Beginsville.

Getting the Quest

Rachel: - Rachel the news reporter here, looking for a big story! Haven't seen you in a while...

Oh, I had a job as an intern, but I got bored sitting at the desk, so I'm back in the field. 
Anyway, I heard tell you can defeat three Bossgrocks single-handedly.
At least that's the rumor. I can't write it up until I've corroborated my sources.
I'm thinking of using "A Hero Returns" as the headline--if you still have what it takes.
Do you think you can show me your skills in time to meet my next deadline?
It's good to see you're still so self-confident. I'm counting on you!

Cleared task

Rachel: - The rumors were true! Even 10 vilagers couldn't take on three Bossgrocks.

It seems your skills aren't rusty at all. Just as I thought...
From now on, I'm totaly going to cover your adventures in my articles.
But first, let's catch up a bit. What have you been doing? Well? Can I buy you a round?
No? Too bad. I really like to get to know the people im reporting on.
At least let me give you something for letting me in on a real scoop.

Failed to complete task

Rachel: - ??

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