The New Madam Croaky
Client Madam Croaky
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western Dust Bowl
Task Defeat Diggrocks and collect 5 Fire Nozzles!
Reward Money 3000
Penalty - Money 750

In this the quest The New Madam Croaky, Madam Croaky asks Dillon for colleting Fire Nozzles, dropped by Diggrocks in the Dust Bowl.

Getting the Quest

Madam Croaky: - Ribbit! Madam Croaky feels better than ever!

I rekindled my love for rare things other than sparkly jewels.
I heard from my friends at a soiree that there are better things in life.
The latest hot fashion item is a set of 5 fire nozzles that come from Diggrocks.
I can see you have no idea why anyone would want such a thing.
They're positively useless, but they're very rare. That's why everyone wants them!
It's the pointless of them that makes them so valuable!
Only a rich socialite like myself could possibly understand. So hop to it!

Cleared task

Madam Croaky: - Fire nozzles! No matter how you look at them...

They look like a piece of junk, but that's exactly where their value lies!
They're the height of luxury. And they're worth a fortune. Simply fabulous!
Thank you so much. I will polish these nozzles regularly!

Failed to complete task

Madam Croaky: - Croak! You don't have the fire nozzles, do you?

If a ranger can't bring me items that cost him nothing, he's not worth paying!
I demand compensation!

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