Dillons the rolling western 3ds
The Rolling Western is the game's Beta Version of Dillon's Rolling Western. The game was developed by Vanpool and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.

Notable Beta Elements at E3 Video

  • During gameplay, Dillon will usually stand still when not controlled. In the trailer, he is seen shifting back and forth.
  • Scruffles and towers are less detailed.
  • When Dillon starts a combo, 2-hits is usually displayed in blue and changes color the longer the combo is extended. In the trailer, 2-hits is displayed in yellow and red and remains the same color regardless of combo length.
  • Only one color of rock is seen in the mines, which is the gray variant. In the actual game, a blue and gold variant are also encountered, as the colors hint at the rock's contents.
  • Names are drastically different in the trailer: i.e. Scruffles are called Manju Grass.
  • When a raid is started in the trailer, Grocks are instead referred to as "monsters" by Russ.

    Russ speaking to Dillon about the "monsters" coming.

  • The Grock count is in the top-right corner of the screen instead of the bottom.
  • Gatling Guns easily defeat Grocks within a few hits.
  • Grocks on the plains are surrounded by a green ring and noted by a star. The reason for this is unknown, though the green ring will change colors from green to yellow and finally red when the grock is attacked by a tower before the grock is destroyed. Because of this, it is likely that the ring denotes the grock's health.
  • Grocks are also seen with health meters in battle.
  • Dillon's heart meter appears different.
    Life Bar

    Dillon's different heart meter.

  • When Dillon charges up a roll attack, the shock wave is not seen when it strikes.
  • Instead of letting off a bright blue beam, unvisited mines give off a wide green-colored beam.
  • When battling a Veggrock in-game, the patch of grass that Dillon encountered the grock in is visible in battle. This patch of grass is absent during battle in the trailer.
  • Though longer, the Arma-Mode meter is depleted more quickly.
  • Dillon is seen using Arma-Mode without the Ancient buckle.
  • A different symbol is seen on the doors of the Ancient Ruins.
  • If one pays attention, the graphics are more "lighter and cel-shaded" than the final release.
  • Dillon's pre-English name was shown to be his Japanese name, Jiro.
  • Scruffles were originally called Manju Grass.
  • Shards were origionally called Kochin Stone.
  • Stone was origionally called Rock Piece.

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Nintendo 3DS - The Rolling Western E3 Trailer