Featured in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Unlocked after... Main Stage 4
Entry Fee Money 600
Number of Rooms 15

"This mine is...mine! But you can dig it up whatever you want. There is an admission fee, of corse. Hisssss!"

Treasure Hunt 2: Grockburn Mine is the second Treasure Hunt in the game Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.This stage can be unlocked after completing Main Stage 4: Two Great Doctors. This stage helps Dillon get more money, more than getting it from Treasure Hunt 1: The Sunken Caves.

Making a profit

By wearing and doing the following things with the specified gear, gives hints to getting a profit from the Money600 being used to enter.

Gear Choice

Basic Boots
Slasher Gloves
Silver Spikes
Brawling Bandana
Snake Talisman

Using a combination of these gears for Dillon helps him get a fair/good profit. Most of the time, the Boots (if they are high leveled) could destroy the mine rocks, making it drop a few items. The whole point of Treasure Hunts is to gather as much items as possible, so using the Grind attack all the time will give Dillon the highest chance to make a big profit. However, don't forget to chain the moves, Dillon can get a bigger profit if he has extra money from chains.

Buffalo-Hide Boots
Crusher Gloves
Silver Spikes
Macho Bandana
Mole Talisman

There is no need to use high leveled items if this stage is closer to the lower levels. But sometimes having high leveled items can help defeating grocks quickly and easily. Most grocks are strong, but not compared to the grocks encountered in Treasure Hunt 3: Imperious Rex Ruins.

Mine Chunks

Coming soon...

List of Possible Grocks Encountered

These are the Grocks that are found in the Grockburn Mines. Some are only found here.

1* These are only found in this treasure hunt

List of Possible Items

These are the Items that can be found specifically in this stage for a diferent range of money that can be obtained from that item.

Icon Item Item Type Description Original Price Sal's Price
Grock Coin Icon Grock Coin Other A strange, ancient currency carried by the underground grocks. It's recently become a hot collectable. Money -- Money --
Shard Icon Shard Ores These pieces of stone contain trace quantities of the metals used to build defense gates. Money 1 Money 1
Chunk Icon Chunk Ores Highly pure ore, formed when nuggets are subjected to extreme pressure. Money 5 Money 3
Talc Icon Talc Ores


An incredibly fragile rock that will crumble at the slightest touch. Used in medicine back east. Money 3 Money 1
Pagodite Icon Pagodite Ores


Commonly used in scrawling graffiti. Because of its high viscosity, it will stain clothing. Money 12 Money 6
Gypsum Icon Gypsum Ores


The sayig "He has a gypsum heart" refers to a weak-willed person who gives up easily. Money 26 Money 14
Babium Icon Babium Ores


This ore gives off a dull, reddish-brown glow. As time passes, a nugget will grow and change shape. Money 110 Money 60
Kidinite Icon Kidinite Ores


In the ground, babium will mature over time and turn into this leaf-green, crystalline ore. Money 320 Money 176
Stone Icon Stone Ores Just a regular stone. Used for scratching lines in the dust or skipping over lakes. Money 2 Money 1
Prumice Dust Icon Pumice Dust Ores Extremely light rock with a similar color to the skin of a scruffle. Very brittle. Money 5 Money ??
Grassyte Icon Grassyte Ores Faintly colored green rock. It's often used as a paperweight. Money 300 Money ??
Rock Slug Icon Rock Slug Ores The remmants of a bullet rock. Probably a stray ricochet. Money 7 Money 4
Bullet Rock Icon Bullet Rock Ores Engraved with fine grooves on the surface that allow it to fly straighter through the air. Money 120 Money ??
Rock Nozzle Icon Rock Nozzle Ores Part of a Grungrock's nose. The inside is rifled like the barrel of a gun. Money 13 Money ??
Gold Flake Icon Gold Flake Ores Small flake of glittering gold. Has lots of uses in manufacturing. Money 54 Money 32
Chunk of Gold Icon Chunk of Gold Ores A chunk of glittering gold ore. This would be a real find for a prospective prospector. Money 102 Money 62
Gold Nuggets Icon Gold Nuggets Ores Petrified grock eyeballs that have turned into gold. Money 500 Money 330
Stone Wedge Icon Stone Wedge Ores Stone that drops off a Ramgrock's body. It's very hard and sharp. Money 11 Money 9
Skull Stone Icon Skull Stone Ores Type of rock with unequaled strength and weight. Used by the ancients during sieges. Money 240 Money ??
Helmet Rock Icon Helmet Rock Ores Natural forces shaped this rock into the form of a helmet. Money 16 Money 13
Tailstone Icon Tailstone Ores The tail of a Mawgrockis hollow and very lightweight, but sturdy. Money 12 Money ??
Sharptooth Icon Sharptooth Ores It's said this was used to make tools in ancient times, but who knows? Money 16 Money ??
Doom Stone Icon Doom Stone Ores These stones are fossilized bones. The unique digestive process of the grocks turned the bones to stone. Money 240 Money 175
Attack Rock Icon Attack Rock Ores The remmants of an attack stone. Once chipped, it becomes very brittle. Money 8 Money 4
Attack Stone Icon Attack Stone Ores The aerodynamic shape of this stone makes it a formidable weapon. Money 15 Money 8
Whet Stone Icon Whetstone Ores Made from fine, high-density particles, this is a very hard rock. Money 20 Money 14
Red Rock Icon Red Rock Ores Fragment that falls from larger grocks suc as Bossgrocks. Money 17 Money ??
Red Helmet Rock Icon Red Helmet Rock Ores About five times bigger than a regular helmet rock. This is even too big for an adult to wear. Money 24 Money ??
Rock Heart Icon Rock Heart Ores This pulsing rock can only be mined from the heart of a giant. Money 400 Money ??
Eyeball Rocks Icon Eyeball Rocks Ores These crystallized rocks are part of a grock's eyes, which can get knocked out after an impact. Money 19 Money 15
Achilles Rock Icon Achilles Rock Ores This springy rock supports the ankles of a large-bodied grock. Money 27 Money 22
Boulder Heart Icon Boulder Heart Ores This pulsing rock can only be mined from the heart of a giant. Money 440 Money ??
Booster Nozzle Icon Booster Nozzle Ores This advanced nozzle formation has been shaped and strengthened by repeated bullet-rock fire. Money 24 Money ??
?? Gunslinger Hat Ores ?? Money ?? Money ??
Goldstone Skull Icon Goldstone Skull Ores Not as durable as a normal skull stone, but of much higher value. Money 500 Money 275
Candy Drop Icon Candy Drop Gems Gem that is make up of microscopic grains of sugar. Used by cooks as a sweetener. Money 75 Money 60
Green Eye Icon Green Eye Gems Green gem with a faint, circular pattern in its center. Money 125 Money 100
Ambernite Icon Ambernite Gems Beautiful, sparkling amber gem. Often given to loved ones as jewelry. Money 150 Money 120
Blood Marine Icon Blood Marine Gems Rare and beautiful red gem said to be made from the blood of devils. Money 270 Money 172
Orchid Heart Icon Orchid Heart Gems A heart-shaped crystal. Popular for creating jewelry. Money 360 Money 288
Aquacite Icon Aquacite Gems Rare stone found deep in the mines that causes refracted light to ripple like water. Money 450 Money 288
Chrysolite Icon Chrysolite Gems (Treasure) A precious ancient gift. Reputed to guarantee romance into old age. Money 500 Money 275
Malachite Icon Malachite Gems (Treasure) A precious ancient gift. Reputed to give you pleasant dreams. Money 1400 Money ??
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Gems (Treasure) A precious ancient gift. Reputed to relieve anxiety. Money 1500 Money 825
Quartz Quartz Gems (Treasure) A precious ancient gift. Reputed to imbue you with insatiable curiosity. Money 2500 Money ??

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