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The Tunnel Attack is an attack used by Dillon. This attack is the weakest in Dillon's arsenal, used to weaken certain grocks and evade attacks as opposed to outright dishing out damage.


  • Press the L Button while touching the bottom screen (or vice versa) to burrow into the ground.
  • While underground, keep the L Button held down, slide the stylus to choose a direction, and let go to tunnel forward.
  • When directly below a grock, release the L Button to burst out of the ground and perform a surprise attack!
  • The attack can be canceled by releasing the L button before launching forward.


  • Using this attack is more effective against certain grocks at first instead of the Rolling Attack: Gungrocks, Diggrocks, Magmagrocks, Maskgrocks, Helmgrocks can all be evaded and made vulnerable with the Tunnel Attack.
  • Dillon can evade attacks using this, by burrowing underground as an attack comes Dillon's way and tunneling under it.

Note: Against Boss-type grocks (Bossgrocks, Diregrocks and Vulcangrocks), this attack is too weak to even stun them, and thus can only be used to avoid situational attacks, as even the Claw Attack is more effective for avoiding most of a boss grock's attacks.



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