Twin-Twister Tango
Client Stranger
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger Gambol Ranch
Task Fight three battles with a ranger ally.
Reward Money 550
Penalty - Money 195

In Twin-Twister Tango, Stranger requests Dillon to fight a grock group with an ally three times.

Getting the Quest

Stranger: Hey, ranger. May I have a word with you?

Just as I expected, you showed off masterful fighting skills in the last village.
You're a solo dynamo, able to single-handedly defend villages from bands of grocks.
But I was wondering... How would you do fighting alongside an ally?
If you've hired another ranger to fight by your side...
I want to see you fight as a team with another ranger for three battles.
Do you think you can manage to cooperate with your ally in the midst of combat?
Show me how you can fight together with a partner!

Cleared task

Stranger: Well, that was amazing. You were both just as energetic as I expected.

Rangers are usually lone wolves. I thought you'd never be able to work together.
I felt bad about pairing you up with that roughneck until you actually started fighting.
Just wait until I tell you folks about this. Good stuff!

Failed to complete task

Stranger: ??

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