Two-Ranger Team-Up
Client Stranger
Introduced in... Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger Railfork Farm
Task Have a ranger deliver the knockout blow to a grock that Dillon attacked!
Reward Money 420
Penalty - Money 150

In this quest Two-Ranger Team-Up, Stranger requests Dillon to team up with a ranger ally and fight against the grocks, but letting the ranger defeat the final grock in battle.

Getting the Quest

Stranger: Hey, ranger. I have another favor to ask of you.

Up until now. I've seen you battle grocks single-handedly...
But i'm interested in seeing how you'd do if you tried to gang up on them.
If you've hired another ranger to fight by your side...
let your partner land the final shot on a grock you've already attacked.
Using bombs outside of battle is a cheap move, so please don't do it.
All right, I want you to show me how you fight as a team!

Cleared task

Stranger: Just as I expected from a ranger. You simply got the job done.

Battles are fundamentally a contest of speed.
Against big or especially tough grocks, you should team up when attacking.
Anyway, that was some nice teamwork. Here--take this as a reward.

Failed to complete task

Stranger: ??

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