Hi, how are you? Lately I face some problems to finalize the scripts Dillon's Rolling Western, 10th stage. I can not complete some of the quests it alone and do not intend to post the script, even get some quotes from characters in the middle of the 10 stages.

Example: When you accept the quest Operation Caretaker [Stage 10], Russ says a few words pro Dillon communicator if the radio towers were destroyed 3 or shortly after the fourth tower is destroyed by grocks. [This too happens in other stages of this game, but I don't have any notes about this]

Currently, I have a few quotes pro [prep team, saloon time] day 1, day 2 in a few lines. All stored in my notes notebook. When I have the time available [because I'm playing very Black Version 2 by completing the nationaldex] back to posting content.

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