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Key Word Vulcanic
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Latest Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
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Health Very High
Attacks Head-smash, Eruption, Fire projectiles
Drop Loot Lava (Common)

Fire Stone (Common)

Crushed Fire Stone (Uncommon)

Magma Crystal (Rare)

"A walking volcanic creature fueled by boiling magma. Settler's reports indicate that Magmagrocks are born from its volcanic crater."

The Vulcangrock is a new boss Grock that begins to appear in Whirlpool Gulch on the second day. They reappear in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.

Fighting Style

Vulcangrocks attack much like Bossgrocks and Diregrocks do, utilizing the same head-smash and body-slam attacks. Instead of summoning Footgrocks or similar grocks, Vulcangrocks will spawn Magmagrocks instead when they body-slam.  Vulcangrocks also throw a new attack into the mix: erupting like a volcano and spouting flaming rocks everywhere. This attack can be devastating, injuring Dillon possibly up to several times and preventing him from getting near the grock. Even in Arma-Mode, these rocks can prove to be tricky obstacles for Dillon in reaching the grock. The attack can be predicted when the Vulcangrock's mouth begins to spout small flames.

A new move for the Vulcangrock was introduced in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, firing large fiery projectiles. It will rarely do that but it will make it more obstacles for Dillon.

Vulcangrocks have a monstrous defense, difficult to defeat with even with the strongest gear and sometimes even Arma-Mode. In the event the player connects a grinding attack, the move can chain to 100+, giving lots of rewards, but while damaging the Spikes heavily.



  • The Vulcangrock's name is derived from an ancient word for volcano, vulcan.
  • The Vulcangrock has the second-highest defense of any Boss-type grock, after the Diamongrock.
  • A Miniature version of the grock is introduced in The Last Ranger.