Tower Placeholder
Icon Un-built: Un-Built Watchtower Map Icon

Built: Built Watchtower Map Icon

Basic Damage No Hold Arms
Highest Level N/A
Wood Cost 700
Iron Cost 1400
Steel Cost 3500
Wood Health 270
Iron Health 720
Steel Health 1620
Village Introduced Cinchville

"Outposts set up to look out for dangerous animals and bad weather. Manned by eagle-eyed prairie dogs."

Watchtowers are important structures where you can identify the Grocks within the view field cleared in the map. However these towers are not capable of carrying guns like the Gun Towers.


These few edificacions are very fragile for Grock attacks. If the player don't care for protects him, creates opportunity of Grocks stealth marching to the village.


Carries a higher lighting to see grocks approching.


  • No hold arms.



  • All "The Watchers" are equipped with the same radio device to communicates Dillon and Russ of anything happens.
  • If a Watchtower are suffering an attack, appears an advice message (of "The Watcher") in the Top Screen: "Watchtower # is under attack!"
  • If a Watchtower are dropped to 0 HP, appears an advice message (of "The Watcher") in the Top Screen: "No! Watchtower # is down!"

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