Map Icon Wheelgrock Map Icon
Key Word Wheel
Grock Type Final Boss
Appearance Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
Stage Appearance Main Stage 7 "Ovalton" 3rd day
Health Extreme
Weak-Point Crystal Core (on the face of the grock)
Defenses Tall stature, Protective Shield, Spawns Young Wheelgrocks, Spawns Crysgrocks, Energy Spheres, Flamethrower.

"One of the final types of grocks to emerge during the last phase of the recent grock invasion. Despite many clues, scholars were unable to predict its appearance."

The Wheelgrock is a gigantic grock that plays the Main antagonist and final boss of Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. This grock only appears as the final grock to defeat in Main Stage 7: "The Last Ranger". It first appears in the 3rd stage of Ovalton after destroying the Pyramid of Armedo with a bomb that was equipped on the Train. It will then start heading towards the village after the pyramid is destroyed.

Physical Appearance

Its main appearance looks like a large ancient wheel with the face of the grock on one side of this wheel-like grock. It has the same orange zig-zag designs of the other ancient grock known as the Ultimogrock. The wheel part of this grock is similar to the structure of Dillon's armored back, being able to grind and roll in the rugid terrain.

Fighting Style


After appearing when the Pyramid was destroyed, it will slowly go towards the village to destroy it. Its appearance will spawn its minions, Young Wheelgrocks, to protect it and go after the village as it travels through the stage. It is impossible to knock down the grock without sending Russ back to the Village to deliver the Powerstone. Without the powerstone, Dillon is unable to even touch the grock or prevent it from destroying the Village due to a barrier that makes it invincible.

Because of the importance of the Powerstone in this stage, Dillon MUST help Russ deliver the stone in order to use a secret ancient weapon called the Bow of Armedo. Using the Bow of Armedo will destroy the protective barrier that surrounds the grock in addition to toppling it right afterwards to start attacking its only weakness, the crystal core on its forehead.





  • In Sal's Hut, it can be seen with a large horn that sticks out from the top of its forehead. However, it is unknown what the actual purpose of the horn is.
    • The large horn may possibly be a part of the Pyramid of Armedo that emitted dark clouds.
  • When viewing the Wheelgrock's 3D model from Sal's Hut, its idle animation only plays once and never repeats. This may be a bug in the game since other grocks viewed in Sal's hut repeat their idle animation after the first time.
  • The Wheelgrock bears a slight resemblance to the Aztec calender stone.

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