Wonder Bomb
Wonder Bomb Crystal
Icon Wonder Bomb Icon
Item Type Crystal
Main Usage Damages/destroys a group of grocks
Dropped By.../Found in... Village Shops, Grocks
Rarity Rare
Cost to Buy 700
Cost to Sell 350

"Does a large amount of damage to a row of grocks, defeating them immediately."

Wonder Bomb is a Crystal that is a stronger version of the Bomb Crystal used in Dillon's Rolling Western and in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. This item is like all other crystals, but with a red center. Its purpose is similar to the Bomb crystal, however this crystal is more stronger. It can be used for stronger foes that are hard to deal with. Most of the time, these crystals are more harder to get since they are more rare and cost more than a bomb crystal.


  • Like all the crystals, Dillon can only carry 3 at a time.