Wooden Towers are the standard form of towers. They are inexpensive, but are also the weakest of all towers. They cost Money 700, and have 270 HP. These towers have a greater risk of burning down immediately when attacked by Magmagrocks and Diggrocks, so these are not recommended for higher levels.  It's repairs cost is 7 Money for each % HP lost.
Wooden Tower

A Wooden Tower


"This tower is cheap to build, but it is also easily destroyed."


These towers are recommended for the first few levels for a start since in the beginning, Dillon doesn't get much money to upgrade to stronger towers. These can also be used to put in places where the Grocks don't attack specific towers, be sure to find that and take advantage of the opportunity.

These towers are cheap, but for levels with Magmagrocks and/or Diggrocks they should be used with caution since they burn down easily.

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